Content Encoding

At Reminiscence Media, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of professional content encoding services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our encoding options encompass DVD, Blu-Ray, ProRes, and Video on Demand (VOD) formats.

Encoding for DVD:
Since 2001, the DVD has continually dominated the home video market. When it comes to DVD distribution, we understand the prevalent formats in commercial distribution today. Single layered (4.7GB) and dual layered (8.5GB) discs have become the industry standard. Single layered discs can typically accommodate approximately 2 hours of video data without any intrusive picture distortion, while dual layered discs can hold up to 4 hours. Our diverse range of DVD content encoding packages ensures flexibility and allows for multiple pass encodes, with options for up to 10 passes. This meticulous approach ensures that your footage remains as faithful to the source material as possible.

DVDs employ the widely recognised MPEG-2 codec for video, often complemented by Dolby’s state-of-the-art AC-3 codec for audio. However, we offer other audio options such as PCM and DTS to suit your preferences. It’s important to note that DVD discs can only be encoded in either PAL or NTSC formats, which are not cross-compatible, meaning that you cannot have both PAL and NTSC videos on the same DVD disc.

In addition to standard encoding options, we also offer expertise in preparing assets for advanced features such as Multi-Angle and Branching. Please be aware that implementing these features may result in slight disruptions during playback, which we strive to minimise for the optimal viewer experience.

Encoding for Blu-Ray:
Similar to DVDs, single layered (25GB) and dual layered (50GB) Blu-Ray discs are the most common formats. The amount of video data that can be stored on a Blu-Ray disc depends on various factors, including the type of video and the compression method used.

For instance, standard definition encoding utilizing the MPEG-2 codec, the same as DVD, typically allows for approximately 10 hours of content on a single layer Blu-Ray disc. However, by leveraging the superior Advanced Video Codec (AVC), this capacity can easily be doubled. High definition content employing the AVC codec can accommodate around 3 hours of video footage on a single layer Blu-Ray disc, while a dual layered disc can typically hold around 6 hours.

When it comes to audio options for Blu-Ray, you have the flexibility to choose from a wider range of formats. Unlike DVDs, Blu-Ray discs have the capability to store both PAL and NTSC video items on the same disc. As with DVDs, our Blu-Ray encoding expertise extends to preparing assets for advanced features such as Multiple Angles and Branching. Unlike DVDs, these features are seamless on Blu-Ray and should not cause any disruptions during playback.

Video on Demand:

We recognize the diverse specifications of various video on demand platforms, and we are fully equipped to provide suitable source material for your content. While many providers still rely on the AVC codec, a growing number have transitioned to the advanced HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding). Additionally, there is an emerging experimentation with AV1, a highly anticipated codec renowned for its superior compression rates, which is poised to become the dominant choice among on-demand platforms. Our expertise allows us to ensure that your content is encoded to the required specifications, regardless of the chosen codec.

At Reminiscence Media, we take pride in delivering high-quality encoding services while maintaining a friendly and professional approach. Whether you require DVD, Blu-Ray, or Video on Demand encoding, you can rely on us to provide the utmost precision and attention to detail. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to delivering the desired results.