TV Series “The Optimist” Restored for DVD & Streaming

“The Optimist” is a dialogue-free TV series that predates Mr. Bean by almost a decade and features the talented Enn Reitel in the lead role. Since its initial broadcast on Channel 4, the show has remained largely unseen and has never been aired in the USA, making it a hidden gem of television history.

This classic series was shot on film during its production and subsequently transferred to 1″ tapes for broadcast, which had been held in deep storage for long term preservation for nearly forty years. None of the original film prints could be located for this project. Dedicated restoration efforts were instead undertaken on the 1″ tapes, with the expertise of Jim Connors playing a pivotal role in restoring the episodes to their former glory.

Following this initial restoration process, one episode, titled “Healthy Bodies, Unhealthy Mind,” continued to present particular challenges. It suffered from picture distortion and heavy noise, which were unintended artifacts caused by interference during the original film to video transfer process. Reminiscence Media, known for their meticulous attention to detail, took on the task of tastefully removing the noise while preserving the intricate details and overall visual quality of the episode, aligning with the original intentions of the content producers as closely as possible.

Following the successful restoration and quality assurance checks, Reminiscence Media embarked on the next phase of the project – preparing two sets of each episode. One set was tailored for DVD distribution, which also involved transcoding and authoring the DVD structure, the other set was meticulously prepared for digital streaming platforms, catering to the ever-growing audience of online content consumers and giving the show its first chance to be seen by American audiences. The digital copies were entrusted to OD Media, a renowned distribution partner known for their expertise in digital media delivery.

The result of this comprehensive restoration and distribution effort is a lovingly put-together package, comprising all 13 episodes of “The Optimist.” Each episode has been presented using the best available materials, carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of the viewing experience. Every detail, from visual fidelity to audio clarity, has been meticulously addressed to provide viewers with an immersive journey into the world of “The Optimist.”

Reminiscence Media has worked closely with Pebble Bay Entertainment in a project that has both ensured the long term preservation of The Optimist, and made it available for distribution in the streaming and download markets. The programme makes its debut on DVD, and the streaming platform Tubi, in the summer of 2023.

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“The Optimist Complete Series” two-disc DVD set is available to order direct from Kaleidoscope DVD.